Efficient switch from Microsoft Excel to CutoverManager

September 21, 2019 | Michael Lex
From initial cutover planning in Microsoft Excel to CutoverManager.

Most companies that are faced with the challenge of planning and orchestrating a cutover choose Microsoft Excel. All types of descriptions, times, responsibilities, basic information, grouping characteristics, milestone markers, etc. for the individual tasks can be stored in the individual columns. New information on tasks that is added during the course of the project can also be added easily in additional columns.

We have explained in detail in our article Cutover: Successful planning and controlling with the CutoverManager why the use of a professional cutover tool is nevertheless worthwhile.

Data import

So that the existing plan does not have to be transferred manually into the CutoverManager, we offer an automated, initial data import. The Excel plan is exported and loaded into the CutoverManager.

The automated import of the plan data enables interested parties to carry out a PoC with the CutoverManager without much effort and thus get to know all planning and control functions of the CutoverManager. New customers can use the planning import to transfer their previous planning to the CutoverManager conveniently and effortlessly.

Since the Excel planning sheets differ considerably from project to project and from company to company due to the different project types and the corresponding requirements, we offer the analysis of the current plan and the creation of an initial load of the CutoverManager from an Excel planning for the switch to the CutoverManager. We develop the corresponding macros for loading the CutoverManager database and make it easier for interested parties and new customers to switch to the CutoverManager. As soon as the tasks are initially loaded into the CutoverManager, they can be supplemented, maintained and, of course, tested in various test runs.

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September 21, 2019 – publication

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