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What does LEXMAIR Solutions offer?

Before our company was founded, we as cutover managers were regularly faced with the question in our IT projects, which tool should be used to plan the cutover? After the market research at that time did not provide any suitable results for our requirements, we decided to develop an efficient and practice-oriented solution ourselves and thus our tool called CutoverManager was born.

Our motivation is to provide and continuously optimize a professional tool for successful cutover management. Our tool includes all features to plan, control and monitor a cutover/migration project cooperatively, across locations and in a decentralized way.

In discussions with our customers and interested parties, we constantly receive new ideas and requirements. We gratefully take these into account and often provide them to our customers in the next release.


Here you will find the latest news from LEXMAIR Solutions, such as information about new releases of our products, extensions to our service portfolio, customer feedback and the publication of articles. In addition, we regularly post all news on Linked.

Older news

Reference customer

Raisin Bank AG


The best and most truthful feedback comes from customers. Accordingly, we are very pleased to name Raisin Bank AG as a reference customer.

"Our migration weekend went really well, and we were able to complete all the tasks without any problems with the help of CutoverManager." – Rebecca Faltusz

Reference customer

Smartbroker AG


The best and most truthful feedback comes from customers. Accordingly, we are very pleased to name Smartbroker AG as a reference customer as well as to publish an interview on the use of our tool with their responsible cutover manager.

"Many partners were involved in our migration project, located all over Germany. Without a decentralized hosted planning and monitoring software for our cutover event, we would not have been able to plan and manage the cutover successfully." – Wolfram Isenberg

Products and services

LEXMAIR Solutions offers professional software solutions for cutover management. Cutover management includes the planning and control of the cutover/go-live including preliminary dress rehearsals and subsequent final work.

In addition to our products, we offer related services such as training/workshops, hosting/operation (SaaS), on-call duty and project support.

Every larger project is usually completed in the context of a cutover, e.g. the introduction/commissioning (go-live) of new software, the replacement or launch of products or systems, etc. Thus, the execution of a cutover is project-specific but by definition not industry-specific. Accordingly, our products, solutions and services can be used regardless of the industry.

Professional tool for collaborative, cross-site and decentralized planning, execution and monitoring of your cutover project
In addition to our products, we also offer related services such as training courses and workshops

We have gained our previous experience in the generally challenging financial sector and the logistics industry. Nevertheless, our professional cutover tool called CutoverManager is an industry-independent solution and consequently ideally suited for all industries and their individual cutover/go-live challenges.

References & Partners

The best proof of our competence are our customers with their feedback and success stories, as well as our partners.

Raisin Bank AG
Smartbroker AG
V-Bank AG
BPW Bergische Achsen KG