Licensing model

The licensing model of the CutoverManager is based on a combination of a limited period of use (contract period) and an upper limit of tasks (task package), which can be managed in the CutoverManager across all master plans.

Example: You want to use the CutoverManager for your cutover, which takes place in 6 months. Accordingly, you need a contract period of at least 6 months. Additionally, your cutover planning contains about 400 tasks/activities. Therefore, you should select a task package with at least 400 tasks. The total price for the license is then calculated by multiplying the number of months by the package price (6 x package price = total price).

Do you have questions about the licensing model? Please contact us.

Our general terms of contract apply.


Task package* Period less than 12 months
(net price/month)
(net price/month)
40 Free + 350 €
100 75 € + 350 €
500 350 € + 400 €
1.000 675 € + 400 €
2.000 1.200 € + 400 €
5.000 2.775 € + 500 €
Task package* Period from 12 months
(net price/month)
(net price/month)
40 Free + 350 €
100 65 € + 350 €
500 300 € + 400 €
1.000 575 € + 400 €
2.000 1.025 € + 400 €
5.000 2.500 + 500 €

* The task package specifies the maximum allowed number of ALL tasks in ALL master plans that can be managed in the CutoverManager.

** The monthly net price for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is charged in addition to the license price if LEXMAIR Solutions is hosting your CutoverManager instance and thus assumes full operational responsibility for you.

License restrictions

Free license

A license-free and thus free use – also commercial – is allowed up to a maximum of 40 tasks. To make it as easy as possible, no explicit license has to be entered and no contact data for the download has to be provided.

The published license key will be extended for one year in time before expiration (valid until). If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please feel free to contact us.

For the first tests no own database is necessary, just use the file-based database HSQLDB delivered with the CutoverManager (Note: NOT recommended for productive use!). Furthermore, easy installation is very important to us, which is shown by the following 5 steps:

  1. Precondition: Installed Java Runtime Environment (from version 17).
  2. Download and unzip
  3. Start: java -jar cutover-manager.jar
    • Windows: Alternative is the execution of the start.bat
    • Linux: Precondition is the command chmod 500 cutover-manager.jar
  4. Open browser and enter the url localhost:8080
  5. Log in with the user: admin and password: password
  6. Enter license key

All other configuration parameters, supported databases and additional information about operation are described in detail in our installation manual.

License restrictions