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Michael Lex

Michael Lex
Chief executive officer

Michael Lex has over 10 years of experience as a banker (securities and derivatives trader) and over 20 years as an IT consultant.

For more than 15 years, his main focus is on data migrations. He managed the extraction, transformation and transfer of the relevant data from the source systems to the respective target systems. One of his strengths is the development of efficient strategies and pragmatic solutions for the respective problems.

He has also taken several times the project management for other IT projects, such as software implementations, release upgrades or functional extensions in existing systems.

He also gained experience as a cutover manager in major projects in the organisation, conception, planning and execution of complex go-lives.

Matthias Mair

Matthias Mair
Chief executive officer

Matthias Mair has several years of experience in developments of complex software systems and in team management. For more than 10 years he has successfully worked as a consultant for large companies, mainly in the financial and automotive sector.

As lead developer and software architect Matthias Mair has experience with distributed and complex projects. Among other things, he was responsible for the conception and evaluation of business and technical architectures.

Furthermore, he can rely on the experience of two large migration projects in the financial sector, where he was technically responsible for the extraction, transformation and loading of master data.


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