CutoverManager on different devices

Demo version

The current version of CutoverManager is available as a demo version for you to try out and get to know. No registration or login is required. All functions are available to you except sending mails.

To make it easier for you to start using CutoverManager, we have created a master plan guideline. This describes the core elements of the CutoverManager and gives you useful and helpful tips for creating a master plan. In addition, it describes the technology stack of the CutoverManager at the end and provides information on its operation.

In addition, we also provide an example cutover plan. Besides the actual planning of a barbecue party, the descriptions also briefly describe the main features and how to use them.

This link will redirect you to the demo version. Please enter the following login credentials:

Username: admin
Password: password

Note: When entering your login credentials, please ignore the warnings of your browser that the connection is not encrypted. If you enter here the data of a demo user and no "real" data, this is NOT a security risk for you.

Finally, we hope you enjoy the demo version of the CutoverManager. We would be pleased to receive your feedback via our contact email.