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In addition to our products, we offer the corresponding services.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

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If you want to focus 100% on your upcoming cutover and not worry about operational concepts, backup strategies, failover and much more, then our SaaS offer is just right for you. LEXMAIR Solutions takes full operational responsibility and runs the CutoverManager for you in the AWS cloud.

Our cloud architecture is designed for maximum availability and highest data security. Each client receives its own instance. Except planned changes, we ensure that CutoverManager is continuously available to you.

Price: see licensing model

Service-Level-Agreement (SLA)

On-call duty

You want to be able to access our extensive professional and technical knowledge of the CutoverManager product at short notice at the cutover in order to achieve maximum risk minimization in your dress rehearsals or your cutover: Book our on-call service.

Price: Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00 - 75 € (net price/hour)
Price: Mon-Fri 18:00-08:00, Sat, Sun and public holidays* - 150 € (net price/hour)

* Public holidays in Germany in the state of Bavaria

Service-Level-Agreement (SLA)

Database recovery

Should you – for whatever reason – require a database recovery*, we will perform this for you.

Price: 500€ (net price per recovery)

* This service is only available when using the SaaS solution. Furthermore, only the maximum snapshot history applicable in the SLA mentioned there can be imported.


Cutover workshop

Learn and experience everything about our product CutoverManager. We start with the explanation of the individual menu items and introduce into the general operations of the CutoverManager. Furthermore, we explain the optimal procedure for setting up a cutover in CutoverManager and help you to handle complex processes and use cases. The CutoverManager offers an extensive feature set and therefore supports you perfectly in all phases of your cutover planning and control.

Duration 4 hours
  • No previous knowledge required
  • No hardware necessary
  • Menu navigation & operation
  • User
  • Master plan
  • Tasks & labels
  • Master cockpit
  • Phase- & Gantt-Chart
  • Live plan
  • Live cockpit
  • Synchronization
Location* Remote
Price** 850€
Duration 1 day
  • No previous knowledge required
  • No hardware necessary
  • see half day training
  • Administration
  • User groups
  • Data quality
  • Downtimes
  • Resource matrix
  • Email & log
  • Dashboard
  • Management views
  • On site
  • Remote
Price** 1.500€
Duration 2 days
  • No previous knowledge required
  • Notebook for the exercises
  • Internet
  • see day training
  • Exercises on a test instance
  • On site
  • Remote
Price** 2.800€

* We also offer the training courses as online seminars; among other things, to comply with Corona regulations.
** Net price excluding travel expenses

Data import

Have you already started cutover planning with Microsoft Excel? No problem. Our migration service supports you are in transferring your current cutover Excel planning into the CutoverManager. Please read our blog article.

In detail the service includes the following steps:

Price*: after consultation

* Depending on the number, quality and structure of the existing data.

Project support

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You are planning a larger (IT) project and need an experienced cutover manager or a cutover team to take over these tasks in your project.

We are happy to support you by providing suitable contacts.